Akai Hayate

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Here is the story:
Vol #1
For over a thousands years, Japan was secretly ruled by the Shinogara, a society of ninja whose palace lies in a hidden valley at the base of Mt. Fuji. The assassins' grip on Japan was unbreakable, until their finest warrior, Hayate Kanuma, rebelled against the group and murdered Shinogara's fearsome leader - his own father!Guilty of both betrayal and patricide, Hayate fled for his life. But his ninja enemies landed a fatal blow. With only minutes left to live, Hayate took a desperate gamble and transferred his soul into the body of his sister, Shiori.Now, Shiori is wandering the streets of Tokyo, under the alias "Yukiko." Assassins still search for her, unaware of her new powers. But each time Shiori calls up her brother, she sacrifices a part of herself. After all, two souls cannot occupy the same body - for long!

Vol #2:
For thousands of years, Japan has been ruled by the secret ninja organization known as Shinogara. But now that Shinogara's top three warriors have rebelled, a bitter power struggle has begun. The battle now moves to the board room and corporate office, as the master strategist Shuri consolidates his hold over Nanso, at the eastern edge of Tokyo. It's a battle that will pitch the tools of technology against the ancient mystic arts, as Shuri fights to the death to keep the freedom he's so recently acquired.

Whatever the outcome, the real showdown must come at Shinogara's heart -- at the palatial headquarters hidden at the base of Mt. Fuji. Here, all questions will finally be answered: The reason Hayate murdered his own father, an explanation of Genbu's mysterious powers, and the secret of the mystic shadow armor. But Hayate, the rebels' finest warrior, is crippled. His soul is still trapped inside his sister's body, and each time he fights, he runs the risk of destroying her spirit forever! There will be many casualties before the end of The Final Battle.

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